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ThoughtTrace is a Document Understanding and Contract Analytics platform that uses pre-trained AI to read, organize, and manage the document workflows and processes critical to your business. ThoughtTrace is pre-built for specific industries and use cases, delivering enormous value on Day 1.

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Up to 52x Faster Data Extraction and Analysis
Due Diligence Time Reduced Up to 80%
1-week Average Time-to-Value with our Turn-Key, Domain Specific Solution
Process & review up to 9,000 leases in one week


  • Before


  • Limits and distorts understanding of critical business information


    Amplifiles and clarifies understanding of critical business information

  • Limited by yesterday’s assumption of today’s data


    Constantly enhanced by AI-driven learning and dynamic business needs

  • Weeks to months to conduct analysis


    Seconds to minutes to conduct analysis

  • Cursory



  • How do we avoid risk?


    How do we gain a competitive advantage?

  • Function as facilitators and data gatherers


    Function as strategic assets

How It Works

Upload, Process and Extract

  • Simply upload your documents and ThoughtTrace intelligently reads, classifies, and categorizes them
  • Process one document or tens of thousands at a time
  • Identify and extract even the most detailed, use case-specific information

Search, Find, and Share

  • Ask the most specific, hard to find questions with only a handful of mouse clicks
  • In minutes or even seconds, locate the most relevant information (rather than days, weeks, or months)
  • Easily share your findings with your entire team

Review, Validate, Analyze

  • Review in detail through the intuitive ThoughtTrace interface – gain knowledge into many areas within contracts that often go overlooked.
  • Turn risk and uncertainty into informed decisions
  • Reduce human errors when reviewing important documents.
  • Validate based on your business rules with easy to configure document profiles
  • Collaborate across your company to break down information silos and understand the “whole picture”

Secure, Protect, Trust

  • Security should not come at the expense of accessibility. With ThoughtTrace, you have both.
  • Benefit from domain-specific, community AI models that get smarter every day.
  • Models are securely trained on the collective knowledge of all documents processed, while maintaining the highest level of security for each customer’s information individually.

Iterate, Integrate, and Outperform

  • With ThoughtTrace’s Network AI Model, leverage data that is always getting smarter
  • Leverage our Rest API to integrate into related systems such as ERP, CRM, and more
  • Set the standard for data-driven decision making, thought leadership, and strategic impact

What our Customers Say

"You have to understand what your assets are and what all of the requirements are... We went back and looked at over 100 assets.... by not being compliant on one item, it cost us $385,000 for something that should've been so simple. If you're being reactive in this business you're done... it will catch up with you."

Chief Operating Officer

"Prior to using ThoughtTrace daily fire drills would eat at valuable resources - time, money, and manpower. With ThoughtTrace, the information we need is at our fingertips and accessible in hours versus many days."

Land Analyst

"ThoughtTrace is revolutionary. It's the future. It's incredible."

Land Administration Manager

"ThoughtTrace is an enabler of intelligence. People can now think critically about questions they previously couldn’t answer."

Director of Digital Transformation

"We hit a grand slam with a $4 million find – searching for a needle in a haystack when we didn't even know the needle was there. This would not have been possible before ThoughtTrace."

Senior Business Process Analyst

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