We're ThoughtTrace. We help people revolutionize how they manage & find answers living in complex documents.

Who We Are

Our team is a combination of domain experts, technologists, data scientists, and customer evangelists. We are united in the belief that technology is not a substitute for human ingenuity, but rather a tool that can augment an individual or team’s performance in ways that are truly transformative. We set out to build the best product and provide the best customer experience to ultimately make lives easier, jobs more enjoyable, and businesses more profitable.


We're on a Mission

ThoughtTrace™ exists to empower people and companies to greater insight and creativity through better access to their most challenging information.

Vision for the Future

ThoughtTrace envisions a world where individuals and companies don’t have to choose between gathering business-governing insights quickly or accurately. By using AI as a tool to accompany human expertise, they can do both. This will greatly enhance personal lives, careers, and business performance.

Our Values


Prioritize people over products, and products over profits.


Have a bias for Action over Perfection.


Practice open, honest, candid, and caring communication.


Earn the trust of others, but offer it willingly.


Seek to continuously improve customer and user experience.

Our Locations

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Headquarters: 33126 Magnolia Circle Ste. B Magnolia, Texas 77354



San Diego




Dallas/Fort Worth


Newport Beach


And Virtually

Our employees work and live where they are most happy and productive.

Customers Stories

Multi-Basin Energy Company Accelerates  Balance Sheet Objectives with $1B divestiture
Supply Chain “Are you in a strong negotiation position if you don’t know what land you actually own? Absolutely not!”

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