Your operations as a utility company depend on numerous contracts with private and municipal entities.  Ensure that you understand your easements and lease agreements. Easily track rights, obligations, and other key information in your most challenging contracts. Let ThoughtTrace™ provide you fast, organized information for deeper human analysis.

Track renewals, extensions, payments and obligations. Make accidental lapses a thing of the past.

Ensure compliance with your franchise, lease, and ROW contracts. Maintain trust with landowners and government entities.

Need to understand your surface restrictions, construction limitations, and line rights? ThoughtTrace™ can bring all this and more to the surface in seconds, not months.

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How it Works


Separate & Classify

Fast and efficient document separation and classification provides visibility into your obligations and opportunities saving you time to do your job.

Review & Report

Understand obligations, opportunities, and data quickly and accurately so you can prioritize due diligence based upon risk.

Group & Organize

ThoughtTrace automates the tedious and error prone task of grouping and organizing information & data found within your contracts, saving you valuable time.

Extract & Analyze

ThoughtTrace's automated contract data extraction and analytics create complete transparency. The software extracts thousands of provisions & critical data elements.

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