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A New Platform is Coming: The Team Shares Their Favorite New Features

Sep 30, 2020 Business News

The Story

ThoughtTrace was built to be both fundamentally and radically different from traditional document management and manual document review methods.  

The current software application, with Document Identification, Transformative Search, and best-in-class Contract Analytics capabilities has helped organizations of all sizes find critical, highly specific information buried in their documents in minutes. Harnessing this power brings companies countless benefits 

  • Supercharged team productivity
  • Asset-level or company-wide risk reduction
  • Vast CAPEX/OPEX savings
  • Strategic competitive advantage gains across respective industries

The New ThoughtTrace Platform

Next month, ThoughtTrace is taking the next step in its own transformation with the launch of the completely new ThoughtTrace Platform. After three years of helping companies save millions of dollars, achieve award-winning digital transformation success, and revolutionize how they work with documents in day-to-day operations, ThoughtTrace has learned a lot along the way. So much so, that we knew it was time to go well beyond weekly application enhancements and recurrent model improvements, which will continue to be handled by the ThoughtTrace team in the new solution.

Document Understanding

Customer creativity, data science brilliance, in-house subject matter expertise, and a hyper-focus on the ‘job-to-be-done’ have inspired the ThoughtTrace team throughout the year-long transformation. 

The new ThoughtTrace Platform is a solution built for complex use cases that will create true Document Understanding for unprecedented insights  in a beautifully simple, extremely powerful, integrated platform. 

The Team Behind the A.I. Document Understanding Platform

We are extremely proud of the new platform, launching in October 2020. We are even more proud of our customers who have pushed ThoughtTrace technology to the limits. And safe to say, we are the proudest of the team behind the scenes – creating improvements big and small to delight our customer base. From the development team at ThoughtTrace, here are some of their favorite value-adding features…. all created by them.

Software Developer’s Share Their Favorite New Features in the New ThoughtTrace Platform:

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Media Contact: Brittany Bluestein, Director of Marketing


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