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Nick Vandivere Live from Tableau: AI That Reads?

Nov 3, 2019 Best Practices Contract Analytics Digital Transformation Document Intelligence

What does it mean to really “Digitally Transform?” Beyond making headway in big data, IoT, and business intelligence strategies, organizations need to close the gap that prevents them from fully realizing the potential of wide-sweeping digital transformation initiatives. The contracts and documents that govern your business contain massive insights into exposure, risk, opportunities, and landmines. By leveraging AI and ML technology to extract this data, you will close the unstructured-to-actionable data gap. By leveraging AI to read, categorize, classify, and bring buried information from your documents to light in minutes, human intelligence can focus on critical elements for proper analysis. Nick demonstrates real-life use cases and examples of how organizations are incorporating this newfound, unlocked data into their business intelligence ecosystem to drive better decisions. WATCH NOW:

About ThoughtTrace

In 2017, ThoughtTrace launched the first industry-specific Document Intelligence and Contract Analytics platform that provides value on day one with minimal training and setup. Leveraging AI/ML as a complement to human expertise, the ThoughtTrace platform identifies critical obligations in contracts exponentially faster and with greater accuracy than traditional methods. ThoughtTrace reads, organizes, and surfaces data that gives users operational agility, actionable insights, and decision-making superpowers.


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