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REALIZE 2021 Recap

Nov 3, 2021 Business News

After more than a year of Zoom meetings and virtual gatherings, the return of REALIZE 2021 in person felt like homecoming for the ThoughtTrace Community. 127 members congregated at The Woodlands Waterway Marriott from October 27-28 for knowledge sharing, networking, inspiration, and a sneak peek of what’s to come for the ThoughtTrace platform.

Relive the Fun with this Recap Video:

Innovation Awards Dinner

The drive for continuous improvement is a hallmark of the ThoughtTrace Community. The ThoughtTrace Innovation Awards highlight customers that push the boundaries of what’s possible and discover unique use cases that grow the ThoughtTrace platform to meet ever-evolving document challenges. Congratulations to our 2021 Innovation Award Winners: Arevon Energy, Brookfield Renewable Partners, DCP Midstream, Devon Energy, and ONEOK!

Customer Success Story and Customer Panel

ThoughtTrace VP of Energy Arthur Medina interviewed Colgate Energy Corporate Land Manager Jon-Aaron House about his vast experience across several energy companies and the similar document challenges every energy company faces, regardless of size.

They also discussed what the next-generation land ecosystem looks like centered around Document Understanding and integrated with other valuable systems.

Next Generation Land Ecosystem

Following Jon-Aaron’s story, ThoughtTrace Chief Customer Officer Kurt Kemmerly moderated a customer panel featuring:

  • Dylan Downing, Land Analyst – Business Services & Technology, Chevron
  • Ricky Hasoon, Manager, Land Applications, Apache
  • Kevin Goldstein, Director, Land Administration – Magnolia Oil & Gas
  • Delaine Kurth, Director of Integrated Operations & Capital Projects, ONEOK
  • Maggie McGehee, US Land Administration Manager, Shell

Panelists shared tremendous insights about how they use ThoughtTrace to transform transactions, special projects, efficiencies, contract analytics, document management, and provision management.

NEW RELEASE! Introducing ThoughtTrace Analytics and Relational Libraries

ThoughtTrace Chief Technology Officer Joel Hron unveiled the brand new ThoughtTrace Analytics product for the first time! ThoughtTrace Analytics allows users to tell stories with data visualizations and reports the surface actionable intelligence to drive your business forward. With ThoughtTrace Analytics, you get answers, not just information.

ThoughtTrace Analytics is comprised of three solutions:

  1. Data Warehouse. Direct access to your data in the form of a cloud-hosted Azure SQL database. It contains information about documents, thoughts, facts, libraries, and many other ThoughtTrace objects in your system.
  2. Dashboards. Curated visualizations that address role- and industry-specific workflows on day one. Some of these will be generally available to all users; some of these will be available for purchase.
  3. Designer. An unfettered dashboard customization experience that allows users to design and build their own widgets and dashboards from scratch or by editing one of our templates.

Releasing one HUGE new product wasn’t enough. Joel also previewed the new Relational Libraries! Relational Libraries organize documents the way you want, in the context you need so customers can quickly understand the document relationships that govern their business. Subject Matter Experts Nick Hutchens and Stephen Sickman, and Senior UX Designer Jordan Perciful showed users how to leverage Relational Libraries for well file management and lease management so users can truly understand their project or asset holistically.

Certifications and ThoughtTrace Automate Workshop

REALIZE 2021 kicked off with ThoughtTrace Basics Certification and ThoughtTrace Admin Certification where more than 30 users earned their official ThoughtTrace certification. Users also learned how to streamline their document review workflow using ThoughtTrace Automate (formerly ThoughtTrace Connect). With an easy-to-use, drag and drop interface, ThoughtTrace Automate allows users to (you guessed it!) automate redundant tasks to help them work smarter. Participants learned how to automatically upload an email attachment to ThoughtTrace, set up notifications when a fact is updated in ThoughtTrace, instantly populate facts, and more.

Missed these courses? Register for upcoming virtual training!

ThoughtTrace for BeginnersThoughtTrace Advanced Search & ReportingThoughtTrace Automate (formerly ThoughtTrace Connect)


At ThoughtTrace, we believe that collaboration fosters higher-impact innovation. We were delighted to invite six of our partners to have a bigger presence at REALIZE this year as official sponsors. If you don’t know these organizations, definitely check them out! We regularly work together to help our customers achieve efficiencies and crush their goals.

Thank You!

We’re thrilled so many of our customers got value out of attending REALIZE 2021:

“Fantastic conference. Thank you for continuing to listen to the customer and leading the charts developing capabilities that we can use out of the box. We are really excited about the changes that we can impement in our businesses.”

It was a very well organized and informative event and I actually walked away with a lot of insights…”

“Last week was a perfect example of how other companies are leveraging the platform…”

“I am a believer in what [ThoughtTrace] is doing and excited to be a small part of it. It was refreshing to hear the positivity around a product. I think that is just a reflection of the culture you and the team have put into place…”

We are so grateful to have such an amazing ThoughtTrace Community and for the opportunity to gather again. Thank you for sharing your experiences and ideas, and helping us grow alongside you.


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