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Success Planting – Part 3: The Long Game​​​​​​​

Jan 23, 2020 Best Practices Digital Transformation

In Success Planting Part 1, we examined the differences between a Success Plan and Success Planting, and in Success Planting Part 2, we asked the Crazy Question. Finally in Part 3, we discuss how ThoughtTrace implements success planting with our customers for long term success and a big win for all​​​​​​​​​​​​​.

Timing is Everything

Success planting is always introduced to our customers at the right time. This helps them realize value in ThoughtTrace that may have seemed secondary at the time of their purchase. As we learn more about our customers, their pain points, and their processes, we then introduce “seeds” of change into our conversations. For example, “Hey, I’ve noticed your team often reports having difficulty with {XYZ part of your process}. What if you leveraged ThoughtTrace to eliminate that pain?” Human nature leads most people to find reasons w​​​​​hy they can’t change the status quo, and we expect to hear the usual answers: “We have always done it that way; This is the only way we can do that with our current systems/products; The people working on that project can’t do it any other way…” and the list goes on. But, we’ve accomplished our goal of planting a powerful idea in our customer’s mind: “What if I don’t have to do it that way?”

Driving Change

Our team then continues the success planting strategy by occasionally steering the conversation back to that pain point or by providing a quick demo on how the product could solve that problem. Our goal is to be insistent without being overbearing – change is hard! We provide helpful tips to nurture the idea until the customer is ready for a change. Once the customer starts to see the value in this idea we’ve carefully presented, we begin the next steps in the success plan.


Success planting is a long game approach to the long-term success of a product for a specific customer. We live for seeing the victories that come from establishing new outcome goals and integrating them into the customer’s overall success plan. The formerly secondary goals become fully realized outcomes for our customers which benefits their work and drives the value they receive from ThoughtTrace​ software. It is truly a win-win.

Want to hear more from our Custo​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​mer Success Team at ThoughtTrace? Visit our brand new ThoughtTrace Community site to learn more from ThoughtTrace users and even chat with our team. See you there!

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