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We value people over products, and products over profits.

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Why ThoughtTrace?

We work together to solve organization’s most challenging problems with cutting-edge, domain-specific Artificial Intelligence. We never shy away from pursuing audacious goals, and we aren’t afraid to fail in the pursuit of excellence and innovation. We don’t strive for a job well done, we strive for fanatical customers and their success is our priority.

Join us as we set out to make lives easier, jobs more enjoyable, and businesses more profitable.

About the Team

Our team is a combination of domain experts, technologists, data scientists, and customer evangelists. We are united in the belief that technology is not a substitute for human ingenuity, but rather a tool that can augment an individual or team’s performance in ways that are truly transformative.
We look for smart, passionate people who want to achieve remarkable things. We strive to provide a dynamic work environment that encourages you to grow and be a part of something cutting edge, creating a true paradigm shift for our customers. And we have a lot of fun while doing it!

The Words We Live By

Treat everyone like a board member
Treat everyone like a board member
Treat different people in different ways depending on their position, title, experience, race, ethnicity, or otherwise.
Treat everyone like a board member
Read, learn, and constantly seek to improve. We do this to gain a wider context and additional perspective beyond our own experiences.
Stagnate in our own narrow view of the world nor remain satisfied in our prior achievements.
Treat everyone like a board member
Empower and enable others through cooperation, collaboration, and working as a team.
Play politics for the betterment of our own situation.
Treat everyone like a board member
Iterate, adapt, and overcome.
Think of failure as anything but a learning experience.
Treat everyone like a board member
Share our personal goals with our team and leadership.
Quietly go about feeling ignored or unappreciated.
Treat everyone like a board member
Fully understand that someone out there will build the next truly great company, so it may as well be us.
Ever shy away from pursuing audacious goals.

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