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Document Understanding that Works on Day One

ThoughtTrace is the fastest, most intuitive way to understand what matters in your documents.

We empower people and companies with the information they need to achieve better outcomes, reduce risk, and capitalize on opportunities.

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Document Understanding Platform Features

The ThoughtTrace Document Understanding Platform is a market-leading suite of integrated applications that work together to give you access to critical insights from your documents in real-time. ThoughtTrace gives businesses the ability to tap into opportunities that inform decision making and gain competitive advantages.


Self-Organizing Document Management

  • Embedded Document OCR
  • AI Document Classification
  • Robust Security & Document Audit


AI-Powered Contract Analytics

  • Community AI Models
  • Continuously Improving
  • Works on Day 1 Out of the Box


Ridiculously Fast Intelligent Search

  • Fast and Flexible, Basic to Advanced
  • Context-based Search
  • Leverage Data Relationships


Integrated Systems with ThoughtTrace Automate

  • Embedded Integrations
  • Robust API Functionality
  • BI and Analytics

Industry-Specific Solutions

ThoughtTrace is the only Document Understanding
Platform built for your industry to work on day one.

We don’t build tool kits. We build domain-specific solutions
built to answer complex questions in record time.

Contract Revenue and Expense Optimization

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Commercial Property Intelligence

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Law Firms and Legal Teams

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Power and Renewables

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Oil and Gas

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The ThoughtTrace Difference

Platform Benefits and Improved Business Outcomes

  • Intuitive and Self-Organizing Document Management Provides What You Need, When You Need It
    Take back time, clicks, and sanity with pre-trained document understanding and limitless search without sacrificing the security and auditability you need.  
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  • Improve Data Quality with Insights Governed by the Source of Truth
    Don’t separate the data that drives your business with its source…the document. Let ThoughtTrace provide radical transparency into your data and reduce time spent reviewing and validating information. 
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  • Digitize and Automate Contract Abstraction
    Let AI empower your team, by combining the power of automated data extraction with human review and validation in a seamless experience.
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  • Conduct Faster and More Accurate Due Diligence
    Cursory due diligence reviews due to time or monetary constraints expose you to unnecessary risk and uncertainty. Mitigate the risk and clarify uncertainty with Document Understanding that reveals contract obligations, liabilities, potential risks, and change of control requirements.
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  • Discover & Reduce Business Risk
    Understand your population of executed agreements holistically by identifying contracts and provisions that deviate from expected norms and expose you to unforeseen risk.
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  • Let Data from the Source of Truth Drive Decisions
    Understand your population of agreements holistically. Identify contracts and provisions that deviate from expected norms, and expose you to unforeseen risk.
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  • Automate Workflows and Build Tight Integrations to Supercharge Business Process
    Increase efficiency, reduce errors and omissions, and improve communication by automating the kinds of repetitive tasks humans avoid. 
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  • Leverage New Information to Drive BI and Analytics
    Use data in new ways to drive your business. ThoughtTrace makes getting to your data easy, so you can use it how you want to.
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ThoughtTrace by the Numbers

ThoughtTrace reads and understands what matters in your documents, and brings this information to the surface in record time. The powerful A.I. platform delivers actionable insights in seconds, empowering you to amplify productivity, identify massive cost savings, and turn your documents into a strategic advantage.

Process and analyze tens-of-thousands of documents in a day

100K + Process and analyze tens-of-thousands of documents in a day

20 Billion Words Read

13 Billion Words Read

Intuitive and Flexible Ways to Search

3 Clicks to Answers

Depth of Extraction

163 MM # of Facts Identified

less 10 seconds Avg. Document Processing Time

< 10 seconds Avg. Document Processing Time

100% Support Satisfaction Rate

100% Support Satisfaction Rate

How It Works

Upload, Process and Extract

  • Simply upload your documents and ThoughtTrace intelligently reads, classifies and categorizes them
  • Process one document or tens of thousands at a time
  • Identify and extract even the most detailed, use case specific information

Search, Find, and Share

  • Ask the most specific, hard to find questions with only a handful of mouse clicks
  • In minutes or even seconds, locate the most relevant information (rather than days, weeks, or months)
  • Easily share your findings with your entire team

Review, Validate, and Collaborate

  • Review in detail through the intuitive ThoughtTrace interface – gain knowledge into many areas within contracts that often go overlooked
  • Turn risk and uncertainty into informed decisions
  • Reduce human errors when reviewing important documents
  • Validate based on your business rules with easy to configure document profiles
  • Collaborate across your company to break down information silos and understand the “whole picture”

Secure, Protect, Trust

  • Security should not come at the expense of accessibility. With ThoughtTrace, you have both.
  • Benefit from domain-specific, community AI models that get smarter every day.
  • Models are securely trained on the collective knowledge of all documents processed, while maintaining the highest level of security for each customer’s information individually.

Iterate, Integrate, and Outperform

  • With ThoughtTrace’s Network AI Model, leverage data that is always getting smarter
  • Leverage our Rest API to integrate into related systems such as ERP, CRM, and more
  • Set the standard for data-driven decision making, thought leadership, and strategic impact

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