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Reuters Utility Scale Solar & Wind North America 2022

21-22 June


We’re pleased to bring you our best agenda yet! Housing solar & onshore wind audiences all under one roof, this year’s event agenda uniquely features combined wind & solar plenary sessions tackling the major utility-scale challenges at the outset. This is followed by diving deep into field operations & more technical topics within our separate solar & wind asset management tracks. The conference will finish by convening all audiences to discuss the themes that will define the future of the industry, and renewables more broadly, ensuring that every level of asset management strategy is considered and addressed.


Reaching Net Zero – The Future of Solar and Wind

  • Receive top thought leadership on where the industry is heading and what steps need to be taken, providing you with a roadmap informed by some of the biggest names in industry
  • Explore the macro trends such as future proof O&M strategies, solving the issue of interconnection and taking wind & solar merchant. Stressing potential verticals for you to enter or enhance

Jorge Pedron, COO, Avangrid

Transforming the US Grid to Facilitate the Renewable Future

  • Discuss how to maintain grid reliability can be maintained with weather sensitive and energy constrained sources such as solar and wind
  • Explore with OEMs, grid authorities and asset owners on how the IEEE P2800 standard should be implemented for cost reduction
  • How are US policies are moving to support interstate transmission and grid congestion?

Mark Lauby, SVP, Chief Engineer, NERC

Mike Deggendorf, SVP, Regulated Infrastructure Development, American Electric Power

Negotiating Grid Codes and Limited Transmission Capacity

  • Whilst grid capacity remains an issue hear about best practices on how to mitigate current risks, including the implementation of storage and the negotiating more dynamic PPA agreements
  • Debate with utilities on how best to approach interconnection costs, to avoid long waits and expensive fees putting your projects in jeopardy

PPA Price Compression – Agreeing the Contracts of the Future

  • This session will reflect on how PPAs need to change for asset owners to start seeing acceptable returns on projects
  • Listen to experts debate on how to negotiate more flexible contracts as to avoid the catastrophic results seen during Texas’ ‘big freeze’
  • Educate yourself on how energy management and power trading are set to become necessary tools on an asset managers belt

Valerie Barros, Director, Origination and Power Marketing, C&I, EDF Renewables North America
John Windsor, SVP, Renewable Generation, Algonquin Power
Cristina Drivas, Senior Manager, Power Marketing, Lightsource BP


Reflecting on 2022 so far and the Road Ahead for North American Wind Operations

  • Unpack the challenges and disruption with managing and operating wind assets in 2022 and beyond
  • Reflect on evolving market conditions and debate how these may disrupt the status quo for asset owners and the value chain that feeds them
  • Hear thoughts on how to stay competitive, with a steer towards strategies that cut operational costs

Meghan Semiao, Director, Asset Management, Longroad Energy

Ed Wagner, Chief Revenue Officer, WindESCo

Paul Zavesoff, Senior Director, Asset Management, Clearway Energy

Achieve Long term Cost Savings Through Reliability Based Procurement

  • Discuss the benefits of switching procurement strategies from an output basis to a reliability one
  • Obtain valuable insights into how key data is helping identify manufacturers with a higher failure rate to help you minimise expenditure of future faults
  • Learn what software helps aid in the quest to cut through large data sets and extract meaningful patterns
  • Discuss the benefits of switching procurement strategies from an output basis to a reliability one
  • Obtain valuable insights into how key data is helping identify manufacturers with a higher failure rate to help you minimise expenditure of future faults
  • Learn what software helps aid in the quest to cut through large data sets and extract meaningful patterns

Embracing Technological Innovation

  • With expertise and manpower in short supply, your assets need to be as efficient and well managed as possible
  • Quiz innovative tech experts on how their automated solutions will alleviate pressures on your field operators and save you precious capital in the process
  • Listen to the top operators already making use of technology and the lessons learnt along the way

Cody Craig, Asset Manager – Wind, Solar, & Battery Storage, WEC Energy Group

Ron Grife, Director, Engineering, Leeward Renewable Energy

Extending the Life of Gearboxes, Blades and Bearings

  • A wind farm is only the sum of its parts, join this session for a deep dive in how to keep the components of your wind farm in good working order
  • Grasp short term strategies to avoid early-stage damage which is the key factor to asset life extension
  • Quiz innovative asset owners on their past mistakes and the lessons since learnt, leaving with a clear long-term plan to maximise your projects and reduce downtime

Tracy Jarvis, General Manager O&M Wind, AES Clean Energy

End of Life Management and The Creation of a Circular Economy

  • Much of the renewable conversation has focused on development, yet more attention is needed on the later stages of a project
  • As the earliest wind farms enter into maturity, familiarise yourself on the decommissioning process and the budget needed
  • Establish a clear thought process on what asset management roles will and what impact of system design this could have

Chelsea Jean-Michel, Wind Analyst, BloombergNEF {moderator}

Maximizing Performance Under Extreme Weather Conditions

  • In light of the ‘big freeze’ in Texas, learn how to maximize operation during periods of extreme weather including de-icing protocols

Is Bigger Always Better? – Dealing With Larger Equipment

  • As the OEM arms race for bigger turbines continues, join expert operators and blade specialist to reflect on the impacts of enormous equipment and how it changes work practices
  • Come to terms with what the dawn of 14MW blades means and how to operate and maintain these giants in a safe and cost effect effective manner.


Bringing Solar up to Speed – What is Next?

  • Learn what is needed to power solar PV plants in order to push the industry forward
  • Understand how solar energy can become more reliable and therefore a more resistant energy type
  • Listen to some of the future projections for Solar PV energy so that you know where the industry is moving

Jody Snodgrass, VP Renewable Projects, Avangrid Renewables
Garrett Nilsen, Acting Director, Solar Energy Technologies Office at U.S. Department of Energy

Monitor, Operate, Forecast: Modern Large-Scale Solar Challenges

  • In maturing markets, asset management complexity grows resulting in increased pressure on OPEX
  • Explore several common PV monitoring challenges & managing their revenue risk
  • Discuss compliance with regulatory forecast requirements across multiple energy markets
  • A brief look ahead at the future of storage + solar

Dr. Nick Engerer, CTO and Co-Founder, Solcast

Zen and the Art of Solar Maintenance

  • Solar returns have been reducing in the past few years, therefore, it is imperative to reduce expenditure where possible
  • This panel will connect buyers with pioneering service providers using robotics to keep O&M strategies efficient and inexpensive

Yulia Lushnikova, Commercial Director, Operations & Maintenance / Asset Management, RES

Vegetation Management Strategies

  • Seemingly innocuous, vegetation management can account for up to 50% of the O&M budget per year
  • Discover how this cost can be driven down through the implementation of prior planning
  • Delve into techniques from seeding in the pre-construction phase, choice of herbicides and the use of robotics to achieve the savings you want

Fixing the Lack of Returns

  • Discuss the methods to drive maximum performance from solar plants whilst keeping operation costs at the minimum
  • With rising energy commodity prices, explore the best approaches to championing merchant power
  • Quiz leading asset managers on how to realistically forecast returns and mitigate portfolio risk

Tara Narayanan, Senior Associate, North American Solar, BloombergNEF {moderator}

Repair, Repower or Recycling?

  • As solar farms move further into maturity issues arise around aged and legacy equipment
  • Take the time to discuss what the best approach to dealing with replacing parts manufactured by OEMs no longer in business
  • Improve procurement techniques and develop clear cost-effective notions on when to repower or decommission

Extend Project Life – From Inverters to PV Modules

  • Life extension is at the heart of all O&M activity, uncover the latest bomb proofing methods to keep your plants in tip top shape
  • Understand which invertor/PV panel strategies best optimize the maintenance process in order to implement them into your plant
  • Explore different invertor O&M models to increase your overall reliability

Dylan Sontag, Director of Asset Operations and Performance Engineering, Silicon Ranch Corporation


Picturing the Full Asset Management Roadmap In-line with Asset Lifecycle

  • Grasp when you should take ownership of the O&M strategy and guide O&M focus as asset progresses through its lifecycle
  • Explore when and how to repair, repower, or recycle your assets

Dana Herrera, Asset Management, Renewables, Shell

Chris Frantz, Managing Director – Operations, Excelsior Energy Capital

How Digitalization is Changing Wind & Solar

  • Understand why digitalization is key to scaling up solar and wind
  • Learn what key technologies will be viable options to contribute to your asset management strategy in 2022, allowing you to drive down costs and get greater output from wind fleets and solar assets

Benjamin Gaskill, Electrical Engineer, Renewables and Energy Solutions Asset Management, Shell

Is there an Alternative to Lithium Ion? – The Evolution of Alternative Storage Solutions

  • There is little doubt battery storage is the future to solving many of the intermittency problems around wind and solar
  • Observe the latest battery technologies outside of lithium ion and how they may be more suited to future builds
  • Get ahead of the curve and work with innovative battery manufacturers to store valuable power to be sold at premium power price during off peak hours

Optimizing plus Storage Projects

  • With most new builds integrating storage the question is no longer ‘when’ but ‘how’?
  • Join pioneering developers to discuss the ins and outs of how to effectively run storage projects
  • Unearth the lessons learnt thus far so when its your turn you can manage your sites in a cost-efficient fashion

Jenya Meydbray, CEO, PV Evolution Labs

Mitigate the Persistent Issue of Labour Costs

  • Deal with the appreciating cost of labour as it sets to become the leading cost as wind and solar scale up
  • Familiarise yourself with the technical tools at your disposal, from asset management software to inspection robotics
  • Hear from top owners on the benefits of establishing internal and standardised training programmes to exploit untapped talent from vertical industries

Dan Summa, EVP, Asset Optimization, EDF Renewables North America

Fixing Industry Wide Supply Chain Issues

  • Tune in to discuss current supply chain issues from over reliance on China to the extortionate pricing of shipping and how this will impact the expected growth of utility scale solar and wind
  • Analyse the best practices being implemented by industry professionals to ease the pressure, including alternative sourcing methods and harnessing the power of software

Greg Conklin, Contract and Procurement Global Manager, Renewable, Shell
Katie Mackin, Director of Procurement, Savion