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Go from question to answer in an instant using ThoughtTrace to identify critical obligations in the contracts, leases, and the unique documents that govern your business. Here are just a few examples of how real customers are achieving Contract Intelligence with transformative search and access leveraging a unified Document Management and Contract Analytics platform trained for their industry.

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ThoughtTrace builds extraordinarily deep models targeted at extracting key elements from specific contract types that are of high importance to our customers in the industries we serve. The models we have today serve as a seed point for building new ones at an extremely fast rate.

Real Estate and Commercial Land

  • consent required
  • construction limitations
  • dimensions
  • easement description
  • force majeure
  • Governing Law
  • granting right exclusions
  • Ingress Egress
  • insurance
  • Legal Description
  • limitations of liability
  • material breach
  • multi-line rights
  • parties and term
  • payment escalations
  • Payment Obligations
  • restoration required
  • Restrictions
  • rights to assign
  • termination rights
  • transfer rights
  • warranty and expirations

Reduce manual contract analysis, and ensure proper scheduling, quality controls, terms and obligations. Read 1,000s of documents in minutes and pinpoint the information you need in your surface use agreements, construction agreements, leases, and more.

Software and Technology

  • acceptance
  • assignment
  • audit rights
  • auto renewal
  • change of control
  • confidential information
  • damages and remedies
  • delivery and installation
  • fee changes
  • insurance
  • intellectual property
  • license terms
  • limitations of liability
  • maintenance
  • price escalation restrictions
  • service level agreement
  • technology escrow
  • termination

Focus on innovation and bringing the best product to your customers, and let “AI that Reads” help you quickly identify when and under what conditions you can raise subscription fees, how much notice is required to do so, and IP infringement/ownership.