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Go from question to answer in an instant using ThoughtTrace to identify critical obligations in the contracts, leases, and the unique documents that govern your business. Here are just a few examples of how real customers are achieving Contract Intelligence with transformative search and access leveraging a unified Document Management and Contract Analytics platform trained for their industry.

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Midstream Oil and Gas

  • audit rights
  • escalators
  • excess volume
  • fuel and loss transport and fractionation
  • insufficient production
  • late payment
  • liquid recoveries
  • NGL recoveries
  • percentage of proceed
  • processing fee
  • royalties & deductions
  • volume of commitment

With efficient access to Midstream contracts and documents, teams can quickly and easily locate key permitting, construction, and financial provisions. When unexpected due diligence and fire drill projects arise, you’re prepared with the answers at your fingertips.

Upstream Oil and Gas

  • accounting
  • assignment
  • change of control
  • commodity royalties
  • consent to assign
  • continuous drilling obligations
  • cost free
  • definitions
  • depth limitations
  • flare
  • fuel
  • Legal Description
  • material breach
  • offset obligations
  • shallow and deep rights
  • shut-in royalty
  • surface and depth
  • termination
  • utnitization & pooling

Manage your leasehold with 100% confidence. Grow your competitive advantage with the ability to review thousands of agreements in hours to make fast decisions in A&D and day-to-day compliance.