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Focus on innovation and bringing the best product to your customers, and let ThoughtTrace help you identify when and under what conditions you can raise subscription fees, how much notice is required to do so, IP infringement/ownership, and more.

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The ThoughtTrace Platform


Upload, Process & Extract

Simply upload your documents and ThoughtTrace intelligently reads, classifies and categorizes them. Process one document or tens of thousands at a time. Identify and extract even the most detailed, use case specific information.

Search, Find & Share

Ask the most specific, hard to find questions with only a handful of mouse clicks. In minutes or even seconds, locate the most relevant information (rather than days, weeks or months). Then, easily share your findings with your entire team.

Review, Validate & Collaborate

Review your documents, in detail, through the intuitive ThoughtTrace interface. Validate based on your business rules with easy to configure attributes. Collaborate across your company to break down information silos and understand the "whole picture."

Iterate, Integrate & Outperform

With ThoughtTrace’s Network AI Model, leverage data that is always getting smarter. You can leverage our Rest API to integrate into related systems such as ERP, CRM and more. Your team will set the standard for data driven decision making, thought leadership, and strategic impact.


Digital Transformation

You have a high volume of customer contracts, agreements with manufacturers or distribution partners, and more with diverse terms and conditions. Contract review is necessary to ensure compliance but becomes tedious, time-consuming, and expensive.

  • Identify when and under what conditions you can raise subscription fees and how much notice is required to do so
  • Answer fast and specific questions, or run deep analysis across your entire contract population
  • Easily conduct due diligence for M&A, regulatory compliance, or contract litigation
  • Quick access to your termination provisions, and countless others
  • Identify cases of IP infringement quickly, so you can focus on the next steps


A revolutionized document repository with transformative search capabilities provides increased security and savings,  and substantially less cost and effort than disruptive manual review.


And Manage Your Business with 100% Confidence

ThoughtTrace software is the inside edge that gives you complete transparency with the click of a button, giving your company the confidence to make fast, decisive, and accurate decisions. In addition to quickly surfacing all standard terms in your commercial agreements, ThoughtTrace can find the unique provisions and information found in SLAs and other documents unique to technology companies:

Price Escalation Restrictions  |  Warranties and Maintenance  |  IP Protection  |  License Terms |  Auto Renewals  |   Termination Clauses  |  Indemnifications  |  Data Protection  |  Audit Rights  |  and more…

Focus on innovation and bringing the best product to your customers, and let “AI that Reads” identify your critical obligations & opportunities.

How AI for Contracts is Changing the Game and Saving Millions


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