Contextual Relationships with ThoughtTrace Platform
Platform overview

Contextual Relationships


Relevancy /
Domain Expertise



Very Quick

Depth of

Unprecidented Understanding of the Relationships Between Documents

See the relationships among common people, places, and elements in documents with ease, and WITHOUT intensive data indexing requirements.

  • Easy and flexible search at the document or provision level
  • ThoughtTrace works out-of-the-box on day one, and you benefit from metadata right out of the gate.
  • Filter results by category, tags, and exact or similar search terms.

ThoughtTrace Understands Your Documents - Search Using Exact Phrases or Similar Ideas

You can search language in your documents using context, and not just text. ThoughtTrace will pull all related, or ‘similar’ ideas to the search term.

  • Find relationships based on the similarity of intent
  • Find language that deviates from accepted norms
  • Identify interdependencies for a holistic view of obligations & opportunities
  • Eliminate mistakes or missed opportunities due to differing terminology

Lightning-Fast Time-to-Value

Trained for Your Organization by Legal and Indsutry Experts

Minimal Set Up Required

Models Trained to Recognize the Widely Applicable to the Highly Specific