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Automatically search, find, and extract key contract terms

ThoughtTrace makes it easy to surface contract terms in an instant. Individuals and teams can find information that was previously extremely difficult and time-consuming to find, giving back hours in your day to do high volume and high impact work. With an enhanced view into your document population, you can accelerate day-to-day business, and rapidly respond to changing regulations, a force majeure event, M&A due diligence, and more.

  • Search for relevant obligations based upon meaning in seconds – not hours, days, or weeks
  • Conduct deep, contextual analysis across all sorts of commercial documents including expirations, terminations, extensions, assignment, and more.
  • Process hundreds of documents in a day, and understand every obligation, opportunity, limitation, and risk
  • Significantly increase the number of documents you read and valuable information you uncover in a day.

Highest Level of Specificity with ThoughtTrace Industry Packs

ThoughtTrace recognizes general commercial terms, compliance clauses, and more, but our built-in provision models go far beyond commercial agreements. ThoughtTrace is trained to recognize the most nuanced details specific to your industry and unique use cases.

  • ThoughtTrace Industry Packs allow for depths of analysis that exceed even the highest expectations. Domain-specific, relevant to your business, and always improving.
  • Effectively address the ambiguous facts, data, and considerations found within specific industries.
  • answer industry-specific questions around the provisions in your documents



From Unstructured Contract Data into Business Driving Insights

We know that unstructured text inside contracts is diverse and difficult to find.  ThoughtTrace reads and analyzes your documents, automatically converting unstructured text to actionable intelligence and business-driving insights.

  • Go from swimming in an ocean of documents and unstructured data to structured, useful information
  • Structured data creates an exponentially faster and more accurate contract discovery and review process
  • Data mining becomes a thing of the past, and you can shift your focus to asking intelligent questions that impact the business

Lightning-Fast Time-to-Value

Trained by Legal and Industry Experts

Minimal Set Up Required

Models Trained to Recognize the Widely Applicable to the Highly Specific