AI-Powered Contract Analytics

Most AI software for Document and Contract Analytics today relies on technologies that require substantial investments of time and money before they create value, which both hinders adoption and inflates costs. From the ground up, ThoughtTrace was built to add value on Day 1. We do this by “in-sourcing” the training of the A.I., freeing you to focus on better analysis, judgment, and decision making.


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Domain Expertise



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Pre-trained to Work on Day 1

ThoughtTrace is not a toolkit with building blocks, requiring you to invest time and resources into training and customizing your own models. Because of the efficiency and effectiveness of our proprietary approach to training and deploying best-in-class document models, ThoughtTrace offers models and solutions that work on Day 1, out-of-the-box. 

We are committed to continuing to improve, enhance, and expand those models continuously based directly on feedback from our customer base at large, all as an embedded part of the service.  No other solution can offer you that today…none. 

Domain-Specific Community A.I. Models

The best AI systems in the world today are hungry for data and perform best when massive volumes of information are available for learning and training, but Enterprise contracts and documents are almost always proprietary and demand stringent governance and security.  

ThoughtTrace solves this problem, delivering highly robust, accurate, and secure AI-powered solutions. Models are securely trained on the collective knowledge of all documents processed through our system, while maintaining the highest level of security for each customer’s information individually. This unique competitive advantage allows ThougthTrace to develop models with best-in-class accuracy and applicability for a variety of use cases, language formations, and document types; all available directly out-of-the-box

Structured Data for Robust Reporting

ThoughtTrace exposes troves of valuable data from documents, and often this information was inconceivable to access previously. ThoughtTrace makes this data available in clear and easily accessible ways, whether reviewing an individual document, searching across many thousands, or when integrating other systems, workflows, and analytics. In any of these cases, ThoughtTrace data is accessible and available to drive your business needs. 

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Lightning-Fast Time-to-Value

Trained by Legal and Industry Experts

Minimal Set Up Required

Models Trained to Recognize the Widely Applicable to the Highly Specific