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Intelligent Classification

Intelligent Document Identification allows you to:
  • Out-of-the-box automatically recognize and categorize high-value documents across even the largest data sets

Fast and efficient document separation and classification provide visibility into your obligations and opportunities, saving you valuable time to do your job.

  • ThoughtTrace expedites the tedious and error-prone task of grouping and organizing information & data found within your contracts.

The best of both worlds: Out-of-the-Box Deployment + Custom Configuration

ThoughtTrace works for your business immediately post-deployment, with the ability to recognize the vast majority of the nuanced language in your most complex documents automatically on day one. ThoughtTrace also learns from you for a highly personal experience. The system learns from the document classifications and categorizations that you make for automatic and intelligent categorization in the future.
  • Create AI models specific to your business as part of your normal work process, without the tedious requirements needed to train a typical AI
  • Works with or without your own metadata. ThoughtTrace delivers metadata to you on day one!
  • Customized configuration options on top of domain-specific models to meet additional unique needs

Intelligent Storage

Key elements within your contracts are tracked and stored without the need of a traditional and cumbersome file structure that eats up mass amounts of data & provides a poor search experience.
  • No need to sort through a rigid, hierarchical folder structure searching for that buried file
  • Quickly drill-down by search term, or run very deep, full-text searches and understand how the documents relate to one another.

Lightning-Fast Time-to-Value

Trained for Your Organization by Legal and Industry Experts

Minimal Set Up Required

Models Trained to Recognize the Widely Applicable to the Highly Specific on Day 1