Document Management | Self-Organizing AI Management & Document Audits
Document Understanding Platform Feature

Self-Organizing Document Management

ThoughtTrace does Document Management differently. Rigid folder hierarchies that make it impossible to find what you are looking for are things of the past. ThoughtTrace makes it easy to organize your content, keep it secure, and make it available to those who need it. Document review and other business process flows are simplified in ThoughtTrace with customizable fields and document-level access policies.

ThoughtTrace intelligently & automatically
organizes your documents for you.

Easily & quickly upload one or thousands
of documents at a time.

Find exactly what you need
when you need it. Stop wasting time searching for a file.

Intuitive and Flexible Ways to Search

Embedded Document OCR

All document content is analyzed out of the box using best in class optical character recognition for improved searchability and usability.  The extracted text is indexed in a performant, context-aware text index built for speed and flexibility.

Upload one, or thousands of documents at a time. The platform is built to scale regardless of the size of your content management needs and is capable of processing thousands of documents in just hours.

Intuitive and Flexible Ways to Search

Automate Document Organization with Artificial Intelligence

Imagine a world with hundreds or thousands of pdf’s with nondescript names littered in sub-folder directories a mile long (does this sound familiar?).  That’s a problem ThoughtTrace was built to solve.   

With AI models pre-trained to parse and classify documents out of the box, we automate the highly manual and tedious process of document organization and categorization.  On top of that, the system learns your custom document taxonomy as you build on it…the more documents you store, the better our models become at classifying and categorizing your content the way you want it. 

Intuitive and Flexible Ways to Search

Robust Security & Document Audit

Security should not come at the expense of accessibility. With ThoughtTrace, you have both.

ThoughtTrace holds and maintains a SOC 2 Type 2 certification, the gold standard of a secure SaaS organization. Our application supports a robust security model to protect and maintain appropriate access to information across your organization and maintains an infinite, immutable audit history of activity in the system to guarantee full life cycle visibility into your content. 

Enjoy powerful insights, flexible options, and on-the-fly changes in an iron-clad cloud environment. 

Lightning-Fast Time-to-Value

Trained for Your Organization by Legal and Industry Experts

Minimal Set Up Required

Models Trained to Recognize the Widely Applicable to the Highly Specific on Day 1