ThoughtTrace Connect | Data Source Application Integration

Connecting your data sources is often easier said that done... until now. ThoughtTrace Connect allows you to easily integrate various software applications to maximize ROI and business impact. Customize your business process with fine-grained detail and efficiency. Breakdown silos, and achieve business goals faster.

Central Hub
to Connect All of Your Systems

Low-Code /
No-Code Integration

Robust APIs
for Custom Integrations

Intuitive and Flexible Ways to Search

Connect Your Ecosystem: Turn Siloed Data into Connected, Accessible, and Actionable Insights

ThoughtTrace Connect acts as a central hub that syncs your structured document data from ThoughtTrace with other systems and workflows. Eliminate data silos, and connect, ingest, analyze and share data more quickly, and at a lower cost. 

Intuitive and Flexible Ways to Search

Drag-and-Drop Integrations OR Robust API Customizations

ThoughtTrace Connect makes integration easy through established, out-of-the-box integrations, pre-built for common business processes, data ingestion, and collaboration. Our point-and-click tools dramatically reduce integration time – set up and configuration can be up and running in minutes.  

For companies with dedicated API development, our open API allows for simple access and use with clear and comprehensive documentation.

The options are endless. Whether you are integrating valuable information from your documents into an enterprise data warehouse for broad consumption, or automating business processes based on specified events and conditions, the ThoughtTrace API can be used to enable the most simple to highly complex, customized workflows.

Intuitive and Flexible Ways to Search

Valuable Contract Data Fuels Business Intelligence & Analytics

Become a data-leading organization. Every company has an initiative to use data in new and innovative ways to drive growth, efficiency, profit, or all of the above. ThoughtTrace delivers critical data from contracts and other documents – the terms and obligations that govern your business relationships and operations are a critical part of any BI strategy. 

By leveraging structured data from the source of truth, the contract, businesses make more informed decisions and drive major productivity gains across multi-disciplinary teams.

Data Encryption

Eradicate data silos

Very quick time to value

Maximize ROI and business impact

Seek to continuously improve customer and user experience

Work smarter with automated workflows

Eliminate Data Silos

Make more informed decisions with a clear, holistic picture