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“I found a document I haven’t been able to find in years.” Real quote, real person, day one using ThoughtTrace. The flexible search capabilities in ThoughtTrace deliver unreasonably fast results – go from thousands of documents to the select few you need to focus on in seconds.


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Answers to Tough Questions in Record Time

Fast and Flexible, Basic to Advanced: Find What You Need, When You Need It

With a few mouse clicks, ThoughtTrace users can identify critical obligations and surface answers to their questions in seconds to minutes.

  • Go from thousands of documents to the select few that require attention in seconds; focus on the agreements that actually matter
  • Reduce weeks or months of work down to minutes and hours
  • Gain a more comprehensive understanding of your business obligations, opportunities, risk, and more
  • Increase the range and depth of questions you can ask and answer in a short amount of time without increasing costs

The search experience itself is immensely flexible, allowing you to span from simple metadata level queries all the way down into highly technical language and context-based searches with just a few added mouse clicks.

Superior Understanding & Domain Expertise

Context-Based Search

Advanced AI and Machine Learning identify and structure key concepts of interest, as well as all correlated facts, relationships, risks, obligations, and dependencies.

ThoughtTrace understands your documents, and the interrelations between them. ThoughtTrace delivers much more than the explicit text being searched, giving people and companies a complete picture for more informed decisions.

Whether you need to find a particular document, information living within multiple documents, or related contingencies based on a fact or changing regulation, ThoughtTrace can help.

Intuitive and Flexible Ways to Search

Leverage Data Relationships

Documents are inherently relational. 
Amendments and extensions to existing agreements come in continuously over time. New agreements are drafted in disparate business units with the same counterparties. Multi-year agreements can have different implications and dependencies when new information sufaces, or external, environmental factors change.

The need to relate contracts and documents to one another is clear – this ensures a holistic picture for better decisions, ensures costly mistakes don’t occur, and obligations don’t slip through the cracks.

As opposed to trying to categorize and catalogue relationships manually, often resulting in missed information or a process that is overly complex, ThoughtTrace leverages data relationships that exist between the content in your documents automatically.

Lightening-Fast Time-to-Value

Lightening-Fast Time-to-Value

Lightening-Fast Time-to-Value

Trained by Lawyers & Business Users from the Industries We Serve

Lightening-Fast Time-to-Value

Minimal Set Up Required

Lightening-Fast Time-to-Value

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