ThoughtTrace helps enterprises review and validate critical information in contracts, agreements, and legal documents.

ALI™ - Cloud-based AI Platform

Using a combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, our SaaS platform ALI™ reads words, sentences, and paragraphs down to the thought or intent level – comprehending the author’s original idea while providing a competence level ranking for ease of human analysis where needed.

As a result, data can be quickly captured, cataloged, accessed, and viewed, providing accurate information, speeding analysis and allowing a greater depth of understanding.

ALI allows you to:

  • Have a greater level of certainty on current and proposed transactions
  • Focus on the language and provisions that matter most
  • Quickly and easily discover poison pills and termination language in your leases and contracts. 

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Enterprise Content Management with OnBase

Through automated workflows and digital collaboration, your team will interact and drive decision making with unmatched speed and precision. 

With OnBase you can:

  • Manage content, processes, and cases on a single platform
  • Improve both unstructured work and structured, repeatable processes
  • Capture, search, and share information across your organization

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The primary benefit of ALI is the assurance of capturing all required provisions. It does not replace an analyst reviewing each provision; however, it does aid the analyst to more quickly identify provisions.
Manager at Large Independent Upstream Company
Having gone through a recent acquisition, we were able to find all leases with hard consents in a matter of minutes. ALI™ paid for itself with that single exercise.
Manager at Startup E&P Company
ALI™ provided a 67% increase in efficiency for organic lease processing and review.
Manager at Independent Land Services Consultant
We had a dramatic improvement in the time to review our contracts. ALI™ is powerful software making it easy for our staff.
Manager at Midstream Company
ALI is revolutionary… And I don’t use the word revolutionary. Ever.
Land Administration Manager at Large Public Upstream Company

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