No "Sales," Just Solutions.

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Request a live demo of ThoughtTrace to learn how AI-powered Document Intelligence:

  • Provides insights into complex contracts and documents in seconds to minutes
  • Reveals critical information from unstructured contract data to maximize insights into your business
  • Allows teams to focus on value-adding activities instead of mining through documents
  • Deliver the answers from your documents to meet regulatory requirements and maximize revenue opportunities

Significant Value on Day One

Increase Productivity while Reducing Cost

Identify Hidden Risks & Obligations, Maximize Revenue Opportunties

Very quick time to value

Save Costs & Enhance Team Productivity

100% Support Satisfaction Rate

Off-the-Shelf Product = Immediate Time-to-Value

Eliminate Data Silos

10x Increase in Data Enrichment

Important Things to Know

  • We have a few fanatical obsessions...
    Our customers, our people, and building the best product. We have a fanatical obsession both with building the best product, and quickly making improvements available to our customers. In fact, we invested 10x more on product development as compared to most software companies our size, and we released 82 major improvements to our core platform in 2019 alone, at no additional cost and no interruption to our clients.
  • We take a different approach to sales.
    We believe that “sales by coercion” is not in your best interest or ours. As such, our sales process is focused on one thing – education. Our goal is to educate a potential customer in such a way that they make a highly informed decision to go with ThoughtTrace, or to go elsewhere. We strive to have zero customers that are not raving fans of our product, even if that means passing up business.
  • We respect your time, and ours as well.
    Because we invest so heavily in creating the best product, we also must maintain a lean and efficient sales team. Our Account Executives are well trained on the software, knowledgeable of the markets they serve, and incentivized to act in your best interest. That said, they must prioritize their engagements in a way that respects the value of both your time and ours.
  • If we say we can do it, we can.
    Our Sales and Project Delivery functions are one team. The people that are telling you “we can do that” are going to be the same ones that have to deliver it.
  • For those in IT...
    If your interest is in buying an Artificial Intelligence toolkit (there are many), rather than buying a turnkey solution that merely uses AI to create an elegant solution (ThoughtTrace), we are not for you. Our focus is not on deploying toolkits or undertaking “pie in the sky” AI projects. We are focused on solving specific business problems, and we solve those problems better than anyone else – AI is just a mechanism to make this possible.
  • Our Sales Process in a Nutshell:
    1. Initial Contact
    2. Software Demonstration catered to your needs identified in a preliminary call
    3. We will prove the value with YOUR documents on a relevant business use case
    4. Welcome to the Tribe!
    5. Our dedicated Customer Success team guides you to your first win
    6. You ramp up into running with ThoughtTrace - opportunities are endless!
"ThoughtTrace is cost savings and time savings for the company. And, it makes me look really good."