Contract Analysis Software for Revenue & Expense Optimization

Contract Revenue and Expense Optimization

You spend a significant amount of time negotiating the right agreements, and once the dotted line is signed, the contract is filed away somewhere. Organizations that don’t strategically utilize the information found in customer and vendor agreements are leaving money and opportunity on the table. When you understand the critical information in your contracts, you're empowered to reduce waste, capitalize on newfound opportunities, and increase the bottom line.

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The ThoughtTrace Platform


Upload, Process & Extract

Simply upload your customer or vendor agreements, MSAs, SLAs, Invoices, W9s, and more, and ThoughtTrace intelligently reads, classifies and categorizes them. Process one document or tens of thousands at a time. Identify and extract even the most detailed, use case-specific information.

Search, Find & Share

Ask the most specific, hard to find questions with only a handful of mouse clicks. In minutes or even seconds, locate the most relevant fact patterns and information. Then, easily share your findings with your entire team.

Review, Validate & Collaborate

Review your documents, in detail, through the intuitive ThoughtTrace interface. Validate based on your business rules with easy to configure attributes and identifiers. Collaborate across your company to break down information silos and understand the "whole picture."

Iterate, Integrate & Outperform

With ThoughtTrace’s Network AI Model, leverage data that is always getting smarter. You can leverage our Rest API or Automation Platform to integrate into related systems such as your ERP, CRM and more. Your team will set the standard for data driven decision making, thought leadership, and strategic impact.


Hit Targets, Minimize Risk

Achieving exponential growth requires strategic insights, and so much of the information required to efficiently hit revenue targets while minimizing risk are buried in contracts and agreements.  ThoughtTrace identifies critical elements in contracts and documents in seconds, and revenue teams are empowered to:

  • Spot new opportunities across their contract portfolio (up-sells, cross-sells, etc.)
  • Understand where you can and can’t raise prices, taking into consideration all current opportunities in the pipeline and other contextual information
  • Easily and efficiently manage auto-renewals – never miss a notification deadline again
  • Avoid missing overcharges
  • Minimize time spent searching for the original contract, related invoice, or highly specific terms. Instead, focus on analysis and driving growth.

Operate based on reality, not assumptions, and watch customer satisfaction and revenue potential skyrocket.


Leverage the Real Source of Truth - Your Contracts (It's Not Your CRM!)

You’re responsible for growth strategy and results, revenue reconciliation, forecasting, enablement, and minimizing risk (just to name a few). The board, company leadership, and your team are relying on you to have an accurate picture of the business, but you’re searching for clarity about your customers among obscure data and information.

“Our CRM is the source of truth.” 

“Upload the agreement to the CRM, add your notes, add the autorenewal date in the customer success field…” 

“Jerry hasn’t updated the CRM!” 

“Bryce, do you have the original agreement? I can’t find it…”

Sound familiar?

It doesn’t have to. Instead, leading revenue teams tap into the real source of truth, their contracts and related documents, as they contain the answers to the toughest questions about the business, vendors, and customers.

Document Understanding for Revenue & Expense Optimization is the inside edge that gives you the insights needed for fast, decisive, and accurate decisions. ThoughtTrace integrates with your business systems to automate and fuel intelligent business processes. CRM, ERP, Accounting systems, and more to automate and fuel intelligence business processes.

  • CRM
  • ERP
  • BI & Analytics
  • CLM
  • Accounting Systems
  • Collaboration and Project Management Tools

Reduce Waste with Enterprise Document Understanding

Day-to-day business requires an overwhelming number of documents and contracts, which end up silo-ed from the business relationships adding a layer of organizational complexity. ThoughtTrace, a single source of truth for document understanding, eliminates multiple barriers to efficiency by automating the structured output of your most complex data and information. Ridiculously fast enterprise search allows you to find specific contracts, invoices, and terms across thousands of documents so you can focus on business analysis and driving growth.

Pre-Trained Community AI will identify, classify, read, and extract critical business terms and legal clauses from your documents instantly. No really, instantly!

  • Termination
  • Automatic Renewal
  • Force Majeure
  • Price Escalation Restrictions
  • Assignment Review
  • Security Incidents Notice Required
  • Payment Terms
  • Intellectual Property Infringement

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