ALI™ quickly and accurately uncovers the most critical information to streamline your review and analysis.

The ALI™ Platform - How It Works

Fast and efficient document separation and classification provides visibility into your obligations and opportunities saving you time to do your job.

ALI automates the tedious and error prone task of grouping and organizing information & data found within your leases, saving you valuable time.

ALI’s automated data extraction and analytics create complete transparency. The software extracts over 350 provisions & critical data elements.

Understand obligations, opportunities, and data quickly and accurately so you can prioritize due diligence based upon risk.

ALI is revolutionary. It's the future.
Land Administration Manager at Callon Petroleum
Our jobs are fun again because ALI takes out the tedious components.
Land Administration Manager at Callon Petroleum
The primary benefit of ALI is the assurance of capturing all required provisions. It does not replace an analyst reviewing each provision; however, it does aid the analyst to more quickly identify provisions.
Manager at Large Independent Upstream Company
Having gone through a recent acquisition, we were able to find all leases with hard consents in a matter of minutes. ALI™ paid for itself with that single exercise.
Manager at Startup E&P Company
ALI™ provided a 67% increase in efficiency for organic lease processing and review.
Manager at Independent Land Services Consultant
We had a dramatic improvement in the time to review our contracts. ALI™ is powerful software making it easy for our staff.
Manager at Midstream Company
I am rocking this software program, and I love it. For a company our size this is a very sophisticated document management system.
Land Administration Advisor at Large E&P Company

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