ALI™ Streamlines 
Manufacturing Agreement Analysis

Compensation | Quality | Warranties |  Terminations and more...

For the Manufacturing industry, the ALI™ platform uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to reads words, sentences, and paragraphs in supplier agreements and customer contracts just like a human does.
You get results in minutes or hours, not weeks or months which allows you to drive better strategy, decisions, and execution.

Reduce Manual Contract Analysis

Automated Analysis of Key Clauses

ALI can process thousands of documents in a day and understand every obligation, opportunity, limitation, and risk with over 100 provisions and data elements made visible in an instant.

Focus on the Critical Details

Ensure Proper Scheduling, Quality Controls, and Terms and Warranties

ALI surfaces critical information hidden in agreements through human-assisted artificial intelligence, to avoid delays and unnecessary costs.

Understand Risks and Opportunities

Increase Efficiencies with Structured and Complete Data for Operational Efficiency 

Manufacturing companies are often forced to make decisions with incomplete data. In many cases, this information is embedded within unstructured documents, such as daily production reports, quality control data, raw material supplier documentation, etc.

ALI can categorize and organize this data, for fast and accurate extraction of data elements in several areas, including:

  • Daily Production Line Reports
  • QA/QC Information
  • Supplier Agreements and Restrictions
  • Development Commitments
  • And More

A few of the leading organizations in gaining a competitive advantage with ALI™

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ALI is revolutionary. It's the future.
Land Administration Manager at Callon Petroleum
Our jobs are fun again because ALI takes out the tedious components.
Land Administration Manager at Callon Petroleum
The primary benefit of ALI is the assurance of capturing all required provisions. It does not replace an analyst reviewing each provision; however, it does aid the analyst to more quickly identify provisions.
Manager at Large Independent Upstream Company
Having gone through a recent acquisition, we were able to find all leases with hard consents in a matter of minutes. ALI™ paid for itself with that single exercise.
Manager at Startup E&P Company
ALI™ provided a 67% increase in efficiency for organic lease processing and review.
Manager at Independent Land Services Consultant
We had a dramatic improvement in the time to review our contracts. ALI™ is powerful software making it easy for our staff.
Manager at Midstream Company
I am rocking this software program, and I love it. For a company our size this is a very sophisticated document management system.
Land Administration Advisor at Large E&P Company

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