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Testimonial Video: In-Depth Answers in Minutes

In-Depth Answers with Contract Analytics in Minutes

Hear how ThoughtTrace customer Keilah Whitley went from entering lease after lease and outsourcing manual contract review to providing in-depth answers to help her organization, Callon Petroleum, accelerate advancement and respond to fire-drills with ease.

“ThoughtTrace is huge cost savings, huge stress savings, and it makes me look really good.”


Benefits Realized

The ThoughtTrace Difference

Accelerates & Streamlines Due Diligence

Very Quick Time-to-Value

Massive Reduction in OPEX

Very Quick Time-to-Value

Results in Days or Hours, Not Weeks

Today, ThoughtTrace allows me to do my job a lot better than I did previously. I'm able to spend more time doing provision review, and not entering in lease after lease into the system. I'm able to spend my time on more in-depth questions.

Keilah Whitley

Lease Analyst

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