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Testimonial Video: Turning Data Into Value

Jesssica Hampton Senior Business Process Analyst

Turning Data Into Value

Hear how ThoughtTrace customer Jessica Hampton turned unstructured data into information, into analytics, and then into value for her organization.

We hired ThoughtTrace to bring visibility into our documents. That was really where we started with it, but now we’ve hired thought a second time to turn our data into information into analytics and into value. Before implementing Thoughtrace a lot of our work was very clunky, very manual, and very time-consuming. There are a lot of things that are faster and easier with ThoughtTrace. Just something as simple as a text search is so easy now… but on top of that, there are the exporting capabilities and the analytics piece. I would say our jobs, start to finish, are faster now…


Benefits Realized

The ThoughtTrace Difference

Saves Time

Very quick time to value

Very Quick Time-to-Value

Very Quick Time-to-Value

Superior Understanding

We've been able to use people for more value-adding activities, take administrative work off of people whos shouldn't be doing administrative work, and really focus that talent on value-adding.

Jessica Hampton

Senior Data Process Analyst

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