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Ursa – Moving from Months to Minutes with ThoughtTrace

The Challenge

Ursa Operating Company’s VP of Land and Business Development, Kelly Muldoon J.D., CPL, spent many years with a super major where high tech solutions are abundant, but the efficiency to implement these tools could be challenging. When Kelly started with Ursa he wanted to operate with the sophisticated tools of a large organization and the efficiency and agility of a small company. With this end in mind, he helped to champion technology that did just that.

Ursa identified the need to create a “Post-Acquisition Plus Strategy” for their land documents and Kelly was instrumental in finding ThoughtTrace to help meet this goal. The search that ended with ThoughtTrace arose from two areas of concern:

  • Ursa gained all of their properties through acquisition and they needed to know as much detail as possible about what they owned – and what they didn’t own!
  • Ursa had also recently moved offices, and document organization was challenging with a mix of documents on servers and in physical file cabinets. They needed to establish a system of files and documents to allow for easy management, categorization, and simple searching.

“We uploaded one of the worst documents ever and it was like a miracle happened.”

Taye Van Merlin, Land Administration Advisor


Ursa now uses the ThoughtTrace artificial intelligence (AI) software application to automatically separate, classify, review, and store thousands of oil and gas leases and related documents.

The ThoughtTrace AI quickly and easily identifies hundreds of provisions and gives users instant access to that information. The progressive and forward-thinking Land Administration staff at Ursa then uses that information to make informed decisions around acquisitions and day-to-day operations. They also have confidence knowing they are prepared for any potential A&D activity.

"The savings come in costs not incurred and mistakes not made." Kelly Muldoon JD, CPL VP of Land and Business Development

Features Used

Increase Productivity while Reducing Cost

Relevancy / Domain Expertise

Very quick time to value

Very quick time-to-value

Very Quick Time-to-Value

Superior Understanding


Ursa now uses ThoughtTrace for both day-to-day and post-acquisition activities to locate leases and related documents in just minutes, not weeks or months.

The ThoughtTrace search functionality quickly provides a clear picture of new acquisitions – insights that allow for fast and accurate decision making.

  • Training time for Ursa Lease Analysts is considerably faster with the ability to review numerous leases in one location and receive instant feedback to test and learn.
  • ThoughtTrace’s Document Insights became Ursa’s redundant safety factor for document retention, storage, and searching.
  • Due Diligence time has decreased significantly and thousands of manhours have been saved.

"In one case, it took over a month for previous employees to find a 'consent to assign' — physically looking through every single document. ThoughtTrace took 2 minutes!"


Land Administration Advisor

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