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Acquiring Assets? Save Millions on Your Next Deal.

There's a reason why ThoughtTrace was used in $37 billion worth of transactions in 2020.

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Understand more about the potential deal faster than the competition for the ultimate advantage.

Don’t spend days or weeks searching for an answer in your documents, use ThoughtTrace to find it in minutes.

Do more deals – with less headache, fewer unplanned liabilities, and bigger profit margins.

Teams using ThoughtTrace for A&D have saved 7 figures & reduced due diligence time by 50%.


Maximize core competencies and increase stakeholder value while dramatically reducing costs.

Avoid surprises, assumptions, and increase the odds of turning the property acquired into a profitable asset.

Save Millions on Your Next Deal

Deploy capital with confidence. Let’s be honest; asset transactions of all kinds are offered, assessed, and executed with substantially less information than is ideal to facilitate an investment of capital.

Questions of “What do we own? What are we buying? and What are our obligations?” typically persist long after a deal has closed. ThoughtTrace can quickly answer these questions before a deal closes.

Identify the core, relevant, and economic fact patterns that matter across your portfolio. Do more deals, faster, and higher profit margins.