Contract Analysis Software for Renewable Energy Asset Managers
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Manage Your Assets Smarter With A.I. that Understands Renewable Energy Agreements .

Track obligations & compliance with ease, mitigate risk, and build trust.

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Understand what’s in your documents.

Access the information you need easily & instantly, reducing weeks of reading problems down to minutes.


Onboard new projects in a flash.

Make it easy to onboard new projects with the ability to automatically surface the relevant and most important operational items in all project agreements.

Advance from reactive to proactive.

You + A.I. can quickly uncover risks and tradeoffs, pinpoint landmines and opportunities, and avoid missing costly compliance points.

Built to Solve Critical Asset Management Challenges

ThoughtTrace’s Document Understanding platform makes it easy for asset managers to keep track of all upcoming project obligations, manage all forms of land rights, and pay complicated royalties.

ThoughtTrace reads and extracts hundreds of provisions out-of-the-box from renewable energy agreements such as power purchase agreements, interconnection agreements, and more. Understand what’s in your contracts at a macro and micro level. Renewable Energy Asset Managers  harness this power across a variety of use cases:

  • Regulatory & Compliance
  • Risk Management
  • Project Onboarding & Reconciliation
  • Investment Optimization
  • Obligation Tracking & Assignment

Visibility Creates Opportunity

You have to understand what your assets are and what all of the requirements are… We went back and looked at over 100 assets…. by not being compliant on one item, it cost us $385,000 for something that should’ve been so simple. If you’re being reactive in this business you’re done… it will catch up with you.

— COO, Solar Developer/Owner-Operator


ThoughtTrace Power & Renewables Solution

The ThoughtTrace™ Document Understanding Platform for renewable energy automatically identifies your purchase options, production guarantees, and points you to hidden obligations and risks in your agreements.

Enhance productivity and drive ROI and efficiency across wind and solar projects.

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