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Reduce Risk & Improve Governance

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Understand what’s in your documents with AI that reads them for you.


Maintain security and confidentiality without sacrificing accessibility or collaboration.


Proactively detect problematic language to mitigate risk and protect the business.

Take Back Your Time: Review Thousands of Agreements in Hours

By modernizing your legal practice with cutting-edge AI contract review software, you can cut through the noise and focus on the information that matters. By using automation to reduce manual and monotonous work, you’re empowered to do more with less and deliver significant value to the business.

  • Operate more cost-effectively with fewer resource
  • Look deeply into every aspect of the contracts in question
  • Provide accurate guidance sooner
  • Identify New Opportunities, Avoid Potential Landmines

ThoughtTrace’s Document Understanding platform built for legal teams is trained by lawyers and industry experts for results you can trust. Unlike other Contract Analytics platforms, ThoughtTrace is ready for immediate use, and no internal time is required to train the model yourself.

Visibility Creates Opportunity

You have to understand what your assets are and what all of the requirements are… We went back and looked at over 100 assets…. by not being compliant on one item, it cost us $385,000 for something that should’ve been so simple. If you’re being reactive in this business you’re done… it will catch up with you.

– ThoughtTrace Customer