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Drastically reduce outsourcing spend and maximize team efficiency.


Manage your leasehold with 100% confidence with complete transparency.


Run capital efficient operations and identify opportunities for cost savings.

ThoughtTrace is Built for Land Management Professionals

Identify the core, relevant, and economic fact patterns that matter across your portfolio with over 1,000 distinct oil and gas contract elements recognized out-of-the-box.

  • Continuous Operations & Shut-In Well Assessments
  • Continuous Development, Pugh, and Depth Severance Review
  • Post-Production Cost Allocation
  • Surface Use Development Review
  • Production in Paying Quantities Analysis
  • Assignment/Consent/Pref Rights/First Refusal
  • Definitions of Operations and Completions
  • 1000s more out-of-the-box

Document Visibility Creates Opportunity

Prior to using ThoughtTrace daily fire drills would eat at valuable resources – time, money, and manpower. With ThoughtTrace, the information we need is at our fingertips and accessible in hours versus many days. 

– Land Analyst