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Deliver answers to your most challenging questions with confidence and efficiency.

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Proactively manage asset obligations, evaluate uneconomic conditions or renegotiation parameters, and automate analysis of surface use acquisitions.

Instant information accessibility allows you to flexibly deploy strategic responses to changes in commodity prices, system capacity, and demand. 

Take back your time! Automate audit and compliance by instantly surfacing the relevant and most important operational items in all project documents. 

ThoughtTrace Midsteam Solution

ThoughtTrace is a Document Understanding & Contract Analytics platform that uses pre-trained AI to read, organize, and manage the document workflows and processes critical to your business.  ThoughtTrace is built to read midstream commercial, G&P, and surface use agreements, and delivers enormous value on Day 1 with no additional model training required.

End users are empowered to discover the information that matters in their documents in a few clicks to reduce risk, supercharge productivity, and make better decisions. 300+ provisions identified out-of-the-box, such as:

  • Volume Commitments
  • Performance Assurances
  • Uneconomic Conditions
  • Removal Requirements
  • Commodity Restrictions
  • Assignment Rights with Consent and Notification
  • Preferential Rights and First Right of Refusal

Visibility Creates Opportunity

We hit a grand slam with a $4 million find – searching for a needle in a haystack when we didn’t even know the needle was there. This would not have been possible before ThoughtTrace.

– Senior Business Process Analyst, Fortune 500 Midsteam Company