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Document Understanding on Day One: The New ThoughtTrace Platform


The new ThoughtTrace platform is the answer for organizations seeking to put data at the center of their competitive strategy. Combining self-organizing document management with contract analytics, hyperfast contextual search, and integrated systems, the new platform delivers true Document Understanding on Day One. The end result: domain-specific answers to complex questions in record time.

What hasn’t changed is ThoughtTrace’s obsession with our customers and the end-user.  The new solution was designed to empower knowledge workers with the ability to transform data into information so they can accomplish the job to be done for their specific use case and industry. This community of users drives ThoughtTrace’s innovation of the document understanding models that are developed, trained, and maintained so that the software works out of the box.

What can Document Understanding help your business achieve?

Request a meeting today and our team will show you how the new ThoughtTrace Platform delivers immediate results with your documents.