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Playing a Leading Role in Digital Business Acceleration

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What if you could get a win with AI for your business quickly and without exhausting technical resources? By enhancing your organization’s use of data to drive decision-making insights, would the strategic relationship between your IT team and the business improve? (Gartner Report)

In this webinar, ThoughtTrace CTO Joel Hron shows you why in an increasingly distributed and remote world, this rigorous structural model of Content Management is evolving to incorporate flexible, AI-Powered Document Intelligence that delivers enormous value on day one. 

You will walk away with ideas around:

  • How rigid document management systems are killing end-user confidence and stifling innovation, and better solutions for today’s market dynamics and organizational needs,¬†with greater importance given to cloud, user experience, intelligence, and configurability
  • Advantages of empowering your teams to make informed decisions with AI that “reads” and understands documents contextually
  • Benefits and drawbacks of “buy vs. build” and what deployment model in the document analytics space is right for your organization

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