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Post Production Cost – You Are Getting Sued!

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Webinar Description:

Getting sued for misinterpreted post-production cost allocation like everyone else?? If not, it may only be a matter of time…

The domino effect of global market disruption has exposed the gaps in crucial information management and operational execution. This time last year, the market was hyper-focused on shut in review, and today, we see an onslaught of demand letters and pending litigation surrounding post production cost allocation. You need real results – quickly.

This webinar shows you how to be proactive and prepared to respond to these situations (and avoid them completely!) with AI-powered document management. Our ThoughtTrace experts will demonstrate:

  • How point of sale, take points, amount realized, and net proceeds language are quickly extracted with ThoughtTrace
  • How customers streamline the auditing of their compression, processing, transportation and other marketing terms for crude and gas sales
  • How customers are recovering revenue from previously overly-conservative deduct interpretation

Key Takeaways:

  • If you’re hanging your hat on “at the well” language for royalty deduction, the Texas Supreme Court case BlueStone v. Randle may change your opinion on that. It’s important to evaluate if you’re taking too much or too little.
  • Taking too much? You open yourself up to getting sued and paying damages and fees. Taking too little? You’re leaving money on the table.
  • Proactively respond to fire drills (and avoid them completely!) using ThoughtTrace.
  • Our Bulk Upload feature makes it easy to add metadata to files on your network drive so you can narrow your search and focus.
  • In seconds, you can pinpoint provisions such as cost free, supersedes, deductions allowed, and more using either exact or similar language searches.
  • Quickly evaluate the validity and scope of the problem across your entire set of oil & gas leases.
  • Prioritize your review by highest impact, easily flag those documents, and share them with your team.

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