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ThoughtTrace Analytics: Turning Information into Answers

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The next evolution of the ThoughtTrace platform is here, and this time with robust reporting and analytics capabilities! Join this webinar for the unveiling of ThoughtTrace Analytics to see how easy it is to visualize the information living in your documents, tell actionable stories with your information, and make faster decisions grounded in data.

ThoughtTrace product leadership will provide a demonstration of your new ThoughtTrace experience – including examples of how to use the embedded analytics solution, and intelligent document insights available in your environment to propel your business process and decisions.

The demonstration will cover two key aspects of ThoughtTrace Analytics:

Data Warehouse enables direct, live access to your document data for efficient data blending, visualizations, and integrations across the enterprise (Snowflake, Azure Data Lake, BI Platforms, etc.)
Dashboards facilitate proactive management of your document ecosystem with perspective-enhancing reports that improve your data integrity and illustrate your workspace activity. Your new dashboards include:

  • Duplicate Analysis – Identify pesky duplicates across your document repository
  • Document Integrity – Feel confident with your document organization and key attributes
  • Workspace Insights – At a glance view of what’s in the system & trends across your critical agreements
  • Team Activity – Effortlessly manage and monitor your environment, productivity, and value

We will also demonstrate custom dashboards covering several different use cases.

  • Division Order Case Management
  • Lease Acquisition Report
  • Non-Op Management
  • Obligation Management
  • Document & Provision Clustering
    …and more! We want to hear from you!

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