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ThoughtTrace Maps: Sync your Thoughts & Facts with ArcGIS

30 August

Document Understanding in the context of location reveals relationships and real-world decision-making perspective unlike any other analysis tool. With ThoughtTrace Maps, you can instantly put your contract intelligence and metadata directly into your ArcGIS Maps solution. This webinar will introduce you to ThoughtTrace Maps, as well as dig deeper into the back-end integration with our in-house GIS expert, Nicklas Richards, Customer Success Operations Manager and the VP of Energy, Arthur Medina.

ThoughtTrace Maps will help you compile, integrate, and refine geographic data from a variety of sources & drive decision making in areas like:

  • Asset Management
  • Future Expenses
  • Revenue Burdens
  • Expiration Tracking
  • Development Planning
  • Cessation Response
  • In-fill Leasing Programs
  • Bolt-on Acquisitions
  • Project Management

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