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Transactions, Insights, & Dollars – Save Millions on Your Next Deal

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Your team needs to quickly get a wholesale, accurate picture of thousands of land records and well files so you can assess a deal’s potential, & move fast to secure acreage. Are you still poking around a VDR or just throwing money and people at the problem? That’s just asking for unplanned liabilities and a whole slew of problems. Join this webinar to learn how leading E&P, mineral, and midstream companies are conducting the fastest and most accurate transactional due diligence at a fraction of the cost. Arthur Medina, VP at ThoughtTrace will discuss:

  • How A.I. that’s built to specifically read oil and gas agreements can uncover the critical data required for due diligence in minutes, such as Consent Required, Pughs, CDC, and Economically material defects.
  • How to reduce due diligence time by up to 50% – providing a significant competitive advantage.
  • Customer Case Studies – How teams have put this superpower into practice to reduce outsourcing spend by 50%, and identify material defects, clawbacks, and more.