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SEIA and ThoughtTrace Present: Transform Your Renewable Asset Management

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Transform Your Renewable Asset Management: Reduce Redundant Manual Processes

$303 billion was spent on global renewable energy investments in 2020. Have you ever wondered why we are still hand-typing critical data and contract clauses into an Excel spreadsheet to manage our assets? There is a better way. See how Document Understanding & Contract Analytics make big problems smaller, help surface the information you need in your project documents, and stop wasting time with redundant manual processes.

Gain radical transparency where you need it most:

  • Pinpoint payor provisions for real estate taxes for wind and solar projects
  • Utilize land option requirements in your leases and create alerts about upcoming deadlines
  • Uncover your letter of credit and bond requirements in power purchase and interconnection agreements
  • Compare production guarantee language across your operating solar and wind portfolios and find outlier clauses
  • Unearth prevailing wage requirements with a few simple clicks


  • Kristina Peterson, SVP Power & Renewables
  • John Gottshall, Senior Subject Matter Expert

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