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Under the Hood: Model Development Strategies Behind AI Contract Analytics Software

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Contract Analytics is a key segment of software focused on applying Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to the interpretation and analysis of contract documents. This is a huge opportunity for the Commercial and Contract Management community to understand the critical elements of contracts and to supercharge their day-to-day document workflows with next-level accessibility & intelligence with a key focus on effective risk management.

There has been a big problem, however. This transformative technology often falls into a state of disappointment and frustration – with missed expectations, poor adoption, and failure to deliver a timely return on investment. In this webinar presentation, ThoughtTrace CTO Joel Hron and WorldCC’s CNO Paul Branch will give savvy-business users insights into the different approaches to AI model development for documents, and arm you with information on which approach may be best for different use cases. Attendees will learn:

  • Why model development is important
  • What goes into effective model development
  • The advantage of community-driven models
  • Key considerations from the lens of a business user, and top questions to get answered if you’re considering using AI in contract workflows.

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