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A Decade of Energy Investment Trends with Riverbend Energy

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About the Webinar:

Leading investment firm, Riverbend Energy Group, joins ThoughtTrace and Wood Mackenzie for an insightful discussion of multi-faceted market opportunities, diving into trends over the last decade, future predictions, and how to tackle today’s challenges in the most informed way possible.

Renewable energy projects and investments surged to record highs in 2021 at $731 billion, a stark contrast from a decade ago. We aren’t slowing down anytime soon… for net-zero targets to be achieved, this figure must triple for the next few years.*

With unprecedented growth comes an array of challenges: due diligence, increased risk, and investor demands for higher profit margins… all against a backdrop of tighter turn-around times and fewer resources.

Attendees will learn how Riverbend is using AI-driven Document Understanding software to deliver faster, smarter, and with greater confidence in a variety of scenarios:

  • Planning and allocating capital intelligently and confidently
    Performing Due Diligence at a fraction of the resources (time, money, and minds)
  • Empowering Asset Managers with reliable data on day one (contract terms, obligations, & extractions)
  • Automatically populating records management systems with extracted data from contractual agreements

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