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Webinar: The Upstream Dealmaking Playbook, Redefined by SWN Energy

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People + Innovation = Winning Deals with Data that Delivers

During acquisitions and beyond, your team needs a comprehensive and accurate way to understand your contractual rights, obligations, and opportunities. During due diligence, are you wasting time pulling down a VDR, organizing files, manipulating key datasets, and assigning contracts for the highest allocated properties? Are you just throwing money and people at the problem? Day-to-day, does the team struggle to find the internal manpower for special projects? Not Southwestern Energy. Discover how Southwestern Energy revolutionized their data collection, analysis, and risk assessment with AI that reads, creating a competitive advantage pre and post-closing, and continuous productivity gains team-wide. In this webinar, leaders from Wood Mackenzie, Southwestern, and ThoughtTrace highlights:
  • The 2022-23 oil and gas M&A Outlook
  • The dealmaking playbook, redefined – Drive down associated costs, creating competitive advantages during due diligence and reducing onboarding time for data post-closing.
  • Best practices to avoid unplanned liabilities and monotonous rework during due diligence and beyond – Equipping your teams with the right technology to reduce manual efforts


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