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Your Rigid Document Management System is Killling End User Confidence


We all dread a micromanaging boss. The one who ensures that every project you work, every task you complete, every email you send is done with utmost precision to the set of expectations and rules they have put into place. And if not, the world collapses. Everything has to be scrapped and redone to fit within the exacting structure defined by the micromanager. Welcome to most Document Management and Content Management Systems today.

In this webinar, ThoughtTrace CTO Joel Hron will show you why in an increasingly distributed and remote world, this rigorous structural model of Content Management is destined to fail and how ThoughtTrace seeks to empower your teams to make informed decisions in their own way.

You will walk away with ideas around:

  • Modernizing the business to fit today’s market dynamics and organizational needs, with greater importance given to cloud, user experience, intelligence, and configurability
  • Deploying content technologies that enable the end-user to drive value and high impact work
  • The different AI architecture and deployment models in document analytics space, and which matches your organization’s strategy for AI implementation

Date: Thursday, May 6, 2021
Time: 11 AM CT
Location: Virtual

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