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Document Understanding Solutions for Commercial Real Estate

January 15, 2021 Whitepapers

Document Understanding Solutions for Commercial Real Estate

Solutions for Operational Complexities in the Commercial Real Estate Industry

In this brochure, ThoughtTrace VP of Real Estate, John Bibeau outlines 6 use case challenges and solutions detailing how trailblazing Commercial Real Estate leaders are turning to advanced technologies that help drive ROI and increase operating efficiency to streamline operations and improve their bottom line.

The ThoughtTrace Document Understanding platform powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning instantly turns documents into value, questions into answers, and uncertainty into understanding. Teams can review their documents, in detail, and get answers in seconds. Gone are the days of fully manual lease reviews that were prone to human errors and omissions. Key lease data can now be identified, extracted, and reviewed faster and more accurately than ever imagined. Risk and opportunities buried deep in a document can be instantaneously surfaced to radically increase the speed and decrease the costs of due diligence reviews, lease audits, and day-to-day lease administration. Adopters of this disruptive technology have found a true competitive advantage in the evolving Commercial Real Estate Industry.