Creating Capital Efficient Operations [Whitepaper]
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Harnessing Unstructured Data to Create Capital-Efficient Operations

May 15, 2019 Whitepapers

"We hit a grand slam with a 4.5 million dollar find."

Learn how leading upstream & midstream oil and gas companies are "Harnessing Unstructured Data to Create Capital Efficient Operations."

Table of Contents

  • 3 leading factors affecting the O&G industry’s current landscape
  • Everything has changed: Capital discipline isn’t an option
  • The leader (or loser) when it comes to consistently low-profit margins
  • Standard form lease agreement history and custom lease provisions
  • Acreage retention, depth severances, and royalty deductions are highly complex and variable
  • How to easily answer questions such as: “What do we own? What are our obligations?”


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