ThoughtTrace Model Development: The Strategy Behind the World’s Most Accurate Contract AI Software

Expert-built, community-driven, out-of-the-box functionality. ThoughtTrace takes a unique approach to model development and hosting, and we believe this approach is a true differentiator in value for our customers.

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Finding Millions In Royalty Deducts

In this whitepaper we look at gaining visibility into leases and understanding what their royalty clauses allow for, when they allow for it, and where. Tight profit margins and limited resources to assess contract language using traditional methods can cost companies millions, but a better way now exists.

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New Horizons for Secure Operatorship

In this whitepaper we look at the importance of the SO process, and how quickly and accurately uncovering hundreds of lease provisions in just minutes results in highly focused and efficient SO efforts.

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Whitepaper: Harnessing Unstructured Data to Create Capital-Efficient Operations

In this whitepaper, we explore how company leaders are leveraging contract analytics and artificial intelligence to meet the demands of financial and operational goals.

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