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Scale Yourself and Your Business - Automate & Integrate with Ease

See how easy and effortless it is to integrate ThoughtTrace with other systems or tools to put your document data into action more seamlessly than ever. For example...

  • Automatically store, classify, and analyze email attachments
  • Understand key terms in contracts automatically after execution
  • Populate your data warehouse for data driven decision making
  • Automatically alert stakeholders about upcoming obligations
  • Ensure ERP's contain up-to-date contract data from the source of truth

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Isn’t integration and automation only for IT?
    Not anymore - this is for you. Empower more teams in your organization to effortlessly automate tasks and create the integrations they need easily and quickly with a visually intuitive experience.
  • Why do we need to automate? Why should automation be a business priority?
    Automated integration solves the challenges of data silos and manual workflows. It creates opportunities for new insight, process improvements, and buys back time to think on intellectual problems instead of managing the minutia. Get more done with less by letting ThoughtTrace Connect work for you.
  • How long will training take?
    With ThoughtTrace Connect you will be able to automate and integrate with minimal technical effort or knowledge, scaling yourself and your business. With point and click, drag and drop experience, you’ll be able to connect all the dots as quickly as you can dream up your process.
  • Do you have an API?
    Yes, for companies with dedicated API development, our open API allows for simple access and use with clear and comprehensive documentation. ThoughtTrace Connect utilizes a mix of API-based and UI-based automation ensuring the right tool for the right problem.
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