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Manage your assets with 100% confidence. Grow your competitive advantage with the ability to review thousands of agreements in hours to make fast decisions in A&D, compliance, expense optimization, and day-to-day operations.

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Solutions for Upstream Oil and Gas

With over 500 distinct upstream contract elements recognized out-of-the-box, ThoughtTrace is the solution trusted by industry leaders for Document Understanding – in A&D, Development and Maintenance Campaigns, and day-to-day Lease and Material Contract Compliance.

Destroy data silos, deploy radical transparency, and make data-driven decisions to increase revenue. Identify the core, relevant, and economic fact patterns that matter across your portfolio.

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ThoughtTrace for Midstream

The details in your surface and transmission agreements matter now more than ever. With efficient access to the structured data output of Midstream contracts and documents, teams can quickly and easily locate key obligations and terms for permitting, construction, and payment terms. When unexpected due diligence and fire drill projects arise, you’re prepared with the answers at your fingertips. Instantly identify information such as product restrictions, non-use obligations, removal requirements, and where you have the option to add additional lines for oil, gas, or water.

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Customer Success Stories

WPX Energy uses Contract Intelligence to Extract Detailed Offset Obligation Data WPX Energy
“You guys are coming in and disrupting the industry – for its own benefit. ThoughtTrace is the leader in the space and the obvious choice.”
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Great Western Operating Company Tackles Post-Production Review in Minutes Instead of Months
“We thought there was no way it would work, but we gave ThoughtTrace a sample of our leases and waited for it to fail, but it didn’t – IT JUST WORKED!”
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