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With over 500 distinct upstream contract elements recognized out-of-the-box, ThoughtTrace is the solution trusted by industry leaders for Document Understanding – in A&D, Development and Maintenance Campaigns, and day-to-day Lease and Material Contract Compliance.

Destroy data silos, deploy radical transparency, and make data-driven decisions to increase revenue.

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How The ThoughtTrace Platform Works

Upload, Process & Extract

Simply upload your lease, well, or property files and ThoughtTrace intelligently reads, classifies and categorizes them. Process one document or tens of thousands at a time. Identify and extract even the most detailed, use case specific information.

Search, Find & Share

Ask the most specific, hard to find questions with only a handful of mouse clicks. In minutes or even seconds, locate the most relevant fact patterns at the asset, unit, well and system level (rather than days, weeks or months). Then, easily share your findings with your entire team.

Review, Validate & Collaborate

Review your documents, in detail, through the intuitive ThoughtTrace interface. Validate based on your business rules with easy to configure attributes and identifiers. Collaborate across your company to break down information silos and understand the "whole picture."

Iterate, Integrate & Outperform

With ThoughtTrace’s Network AI Model, leverage data that is always getting smarter. You can leverage our Rest API or Automation Platform to integrate into related systems such as ERP, CRM and more. Your team will set the standard for data driven decision making, thought leadership, and strategic impact.


Transaction & Investment Optimization

Deploy capital with confidence. Let’s be honest; asset transactions of all kinds are offered, assessed, and executed with substantially less information than is ideal to facilitate an investment of capital.

Questions of “What do we own? What are we buying? and What are our obligations?” typically persist long after a deal has closed. ThoughtTrace software can quickly answer these questions before a deal closes.

Identify the core, relevant, and economic fact patterns that matter across your portfolio:

  • Continuous Operations & Shut-In Well Assessments
  • Continuous Development, Pugh, and Depth Severance Review
  • Post-Production Cost Allocation
  • Surface Use Development Review
  • Production in Paying Quantities Analysis
  • Assignment/Consent/Pref Rights/First Refusal
  • Definitions of Operations and Completions
  • 1000s more out-of-the-box

ThoughtTrace for Land Operations

You manage an asset. Engineers, Operations, and Company Leadership are relying on you to know exactly what is in your Leases, ROW Agreements, and more. From Information Requirements to Water Rights Surface Access, and Drilling Obligations, ThoughtTrace software is the inside edge that gives you the confidence to make fast, decisive, and accurate decisions.

Pre-Trained Community AI will identify, classify, read, and extract critical business terms and legal clauses from your documents instantly. No really, instantly.

  • Leases
  • Easements
  • Surface Use Agreements
  • Deeds
  • Assignments
  • Commercial Agreements
  • Right of Ways
  • Master Service Agreements
  • Gathering and Processing Contracts
  • Operating Agreements

Mineral and Royalty Solutions

Document management is the oldest form of data, we have been filing and maintaining manual databases for centuries with our property records.

ThoughtTrace’s Document Understanding will reduce errors, improve processing, alleviate resources with automation, and expose risks or opportunities faster than ever imagined.

Check out our success stories for use cases like:

  • Portfolio Audit
  • Pre- & Post-Closing Asset Management
  • Lease Abstraction
  • Chain of Title Data Management
  • Exceptions and Reservations
  • Assignments and Deeds of Trust
  • Operating Agreement Analysis

Customer Success Stories

Callon Petroleum Streamlines Due Diligence Process ThoughtTrace Customer Callon Petroleum
“Prior to using ThoughtTrace daily fire drills would eat at valuable resources – time, money, and manpower. With ThoughtTrace, the information we need is at our fingertips and accessible in hours versus many days.”
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WPX Energy uses Contract Intelligence to Extract Detailed Offset Obligation Data WPX Energy
“You guys are coming in and disrupting the industry – for its own benefit. ThoughtTrace is the leader in the space and the obvious choice.”
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