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Managing Risk During a Pandemic: Responsible COVID-19 Contractual Response


Part I: Managing Risk During a Pandemic: Responsible COVID-19 Contractual Response

Featuring ThoughtTrace Subject Matter Expert, Tim Hooper

With the continued economic disruption from COVID-19, some organizations are experiencing a sense of helplessness in how they respond. Luckily, organizations can take action today to locate the heightened organizational risk, and bottom-line revenue savings opportunities, triggered by this pandemic.

In this webinar, ThoughtTrace Subject-Matter-Expert and industry attorney, Tim Hooper, addresses the five most important contractual elements you should review to understand your coverage, risk exposure, and maximum resulting liability. He covers the important contract terms you should consider, including force majeure, termination, and more, and the potential implications of each as they pertain to COVID-19.

During the most disruptive event our nation has faced in decades, we are providing free access to the ThoughtTrace Platform.

COVID-19 is not business as usual. Extenuating circumstances require people and businesses to support each other during this time of profound stress around the world. With ThoughtTrace, you can find the provisions and information living in your contracts and complex agreements in seconds, rather than weeks, months, or never. We hope this will allow you to respond quickly and confidently to the events triggered by this pandemic. We’re all in this together.